Here are some important new publications on I4P.

A Crucial Link. Local Peace Committees and National Peacebuilding
By Andries Odendaal; published by USIP, Washington, USA

The first comparative analysis of the work of local peace committees with formal ties to national peace agreements. A Crucial Link stresses the importance of building peace from the bottom-up and of providing the means and support to do so. Using examples from South Africa, Northern Ireland, Nepal, Nicaragua and Ghana, Odendaal demonstrates the potential for local peace committees to reduce violence, promote social reconstruction and lay the foundation for effective governance. This volume provides theoretical and practical guidance for setting up and supporting the work of these community-level groups.

The launch was webcasted. Click here to visit the website. And here’s a link to the Presskit.

IDEA Electoral Risk Management Tool
The Electoral Risk Management Tool (ERMTool) of the International Institute for Demcracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) has been launched. The tool is designed to empower those who have either the mandate or interest to ensure that elections are peaceful and credible. The ERMTool aims to build the user's capacity to understand, analyze and mitigate electoral risks, in particular those that may turn violent.

The tool is a software application which integrates three modules:

  • digital library
  • analytical instruments
  • a three-layered approach for prevention and mitigation: improved electoral management and justice, improved electoral security, improved infrastructures for peace.

I4P is listed as one of the tools for prevention and mitigation of electoral violence. This may increase the interest in I4P.

The Nicaraguan Peace Commissions: a Sustainable Bottom-Up Peace Infrastructure 
by Cecile Mouly.; from International Peacekeeping, Vol.20, No 1, February 2013. 

Civil Society Organization in Support of Peace in Afghanistan
Concept Note to the HPC/and Joint Secretariat of APRP.

Here are some important new publications on I4P. >>>
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